Lactate Threshold Testing

In the weekend (23rd March 2019) I did a Lactate Threshold test with Val Burke from Peak Endurance in Wanaka.

After taking up being coached by Peak Endurance (Merryn) this was something that interested me to get done to improve my running performance.

The goal for the test was to get accurate heart rate, power and speed training zones and my peak aerobic run speed.

The test involved running for 4 minutes at a time, every 4 minutes at a faster pace. 6min/km’s, 5min/km’s, 4min/km’s and so on. Every four minutes I got my finger pricked and the lactic acid levels tested.

The test ended after running at 4min pace for 4 minutes. That was a hard effort and my lactic acid levels had significantly increased.

heart rate zones

Running technique and analysis

In addition to the lactate threshold testing, Val also analysed my running technique and gave me feedback on how to improve.

The three main areas I am going to work on initially are;

  • Having my hips forward and avoid my upper body tipping forward, and basically staying more upright and stronger.
  • Using my arms for power instead of swinging my shoulders from side to side and crossing the mid-line
  • Improving my turnover and cadence (currently around 80 aiming for 86 over the next few weeks and then up to 88-90)

 View full results: Test Results

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