Skyline Traverse (28km)

Red Bull Defiance - Skyline Traverse


The Skyline Traverse is a 28km mountain run that takes places in January along the skyline in Wanaka and is part of the Redbull Defiance event.

I was lucky and won an entry to this event through Wanaka Parkrun. My training was less than ideal for this as I was away a lot in January working with horses both in the Gold Coast and in Auckland, so I basically did a few runs and strength sessiosn where I could and that was about it!

The run starts out by Cardrona and heads in land for awhile before making the gruelling climb up to Mount Alpha, it then goes along a ridgeline to Roys Peak and then descends down Roys Peak back to the lake and finishes at Edgewater.

My fitness being rather average I chipped away and hiked up to Mount Alpha at a steady pace. A couple of guys caught up to me and before I realised who they were (Richie McCaw and Bob McLachlan) I was chatting away about god knows what and went bright red when I realised who I was talking to. 

This is an interesting course to run as it is several hours of straight up and then straight down, the down was pretty tough on my knees but I blocked out the pain and continued to run.

I messed up a little with hydration and didn’t take much water which was something I regretted along the way, I assumed there would be more aid stations and water along the way but there wasn’t, so I was very pleased to see the aid station at the bottom of Roys Peak and had a cup of Red Bull to get me through the last 7km’s.

Overall the run was fun, it’s hard to push yourself if you haven’t done the training, but it is probably one of the best hikes/runs you can do in Wanaka with incredible views.

I finished 20th out of the woman in a time of 4hrs 20mins.

A great event to be a part of and I look forward to doing it again!


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